Are you looking for some sweeping string harmonies over your song to give it that special finishing touch? Or perhaps some punching, rhythmic string riffs? Maybe you're a record label with some touring bands which need some backing strings?

Thanks guys, great playing and you were so easy to work with.

Max Herman Composer & Producer

The members of Quartet Volute are all highly experienced session musicians with Masters level Classical training. Between them they have performed with artists at Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party Festival UK, United Islands Festival Prague, Lamartree Festival UK, London Folkfest and Bristol Folkfest to mention but a few. They have recorded for major labels including Sony Records and Universal Studios, Germany, with one record reaching No.1 in the ITunes pop chart. Members of the quartet have also performed live radio sessions for the BBC and have had records aired on BBC6 music, BBC radio 2, Amazing Radio and BBC radio London.

Arrangments & Part Editing

Quartet Voluté can work with you to produce original string arrangements for your music. High quality copies will be produced and parts edited ready for performance and recording.

Playing by ear and improvisation

Need something a little more fluid? Quartet Volute are versatile improvisers and adept at playing by ear, allowing them to instinctively adapt to what an artist may need.

Versatile and Scalable

From string quartet to full string section, Quartet Voluté has it covered. We can arrange additional players if required, letting you concentrate on the creative process.